DIY Grants Online charges a percentage of the ACTUAL GRANT received and not a fixed fee on the spend which can be misleading.
Our charge is only payable AFTER you receive the grant benefit. With some grants there is NO FEE.
The DIY Grants Online fee for current claims is 10% of the actual grant or benefit received payable after receipt of the grant.
A fixed fee can exceed the actual benefit received. In most instances the fixed fee is more than the DIY Grants Online rate.


R&D Tax Incentive

Spend Actual Benefit* DIY Grants Fixed Fee Fixed Fee %
$20,001 $2,700 $270 $5,000 185%
$200,001 $27,000 $2,700 $7,000 26%
$300,001 $40,500 $4,050 $9,000 22%
$500,001 $67,500 $6,750 $11,000 16%

Export Marketing Development Grant

Spend Actual Benefit* DIY Grants Fixed Fee Fixed Fee %
$30,001 $12,500 $1,250 $2,271 18%
$50,001 $22,500 $2,250 $4,090 18%
$100,001 $42,192 $4,219 $7,726 18%
$150,001 $49,501 $4,950 $7,726 16%
  1. R&D Benefit is based on a claimant with a non-refundable tax offset and turnover below $20m.
  2. EMDG Benefit is based on 2017 payout rate with the final tranche being 29.2356% for grants over $40,000.
  3. All comparative fees are based on Nifty Grants advertised lowest rate at 15 June 2018. All fees exclude GST

DIY Grants Online is a Specialist Grants Consultant. Compare the alternatives

Small Grant Provider

Claim 1 or 2 grant types
Limited claim experience
Hit and miss success
Limited value of grants paid
Knowledge of a few grants
Low Percentage – No upfront cost
Not Grants Consultants

DIY Grants Online

Specialise in only grants
150+ years grants experience
Impressive 99.9% success rate
Over $1billion in grants paid
Assess business for other grants
Success fee based on claim paid
Awarded Best Grants Consultant 2018

Accounting Firm

Specialise in Accounting, Tax or Patents
Limited grants experience
High level of reviews and audits
Focus on their fees not your grants
Can jeopardise other grant claims
Charge by the hour or fixed fee
Not Grants Consultants