Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL)

The FIAL’s Project Fund provides competitive matched grants of $100,000 to $2 million to support innovation projects that encourage collaboration between small and large businesses in the food and agribusiness sector, to lift productivity and competitiveness. FIAL will only fund applications submitted by a “Consortium”, being a partnership including 2 or more businesses across the food and agribusiness value chain and a research organisation or university.

Projects that involve and benefit multiple businesses across the sector will be viewed more favourably for funding.

The program aims to boost competitiveness and productivity in Australia across the six Industry Growth Sectors for projects that address at least one of these objectives:

  1. Identify opportunities to reduce regulatory burden
  2. Increase collaboration and commercialisation between researchers and industry
  3. Improve capabilities to engage with international markets and global supply chains
  4. Enhance management and workforce skills

The program is open to businesses anywhere along the food ad agribusiness value chain including at-farm, ingredients, materials, logistics and warehousing.  Support providers to the sector include education, packaging, machinery supply. IP and IT Management and social science.