Export Market Development Grant

The EMDG Scheme provides a 50% cash refund of up to $150,000 per claimant for eligible expenses incurred by any Australian business that is marketing or promoting its products, services or know how to non-residents, after deducting $5,000.
Eligible expenses include:

  • Overseas representation (including branches and subsidiaries)
  • Marketing Consultants (local and overseas)
  • Overseas Marketing Visits
  • Free Samples
  • International patents, trademarks and registrations
  • Trade Fairs, Seminars and in-store promotions
  • Promotional literature and advertising
  • Overseas buyers visiting Australia

The first claim can cover 2 consecutive years and requires no export sales.
The minimum claim is $15,000 of eligible expenses resulting in a $5,000 grant
Products can be produced overseas provided there is a significant net benefit to Australia from the sale.
Businesses with a turnover exceeding $50 million are ineligible.
A maximum of 8 claims is allowed. Claims do not have to be lodged in consecutive years.
Marketing costs promoting to New Zealand and North Korea are ineligible

Eligible export marketing activities include:

  • Goods made in Australia
  • Overseas produced goods depending on the Australian net benefit
  • Tourism and eligible Non-tourism services
  • Events held in Australia
  • Australian Intellectual property rights, trademarks and know how.

Complete the eligibility checklist if you are unsure or contact DIY Grants Online.