Advanced Manufacturing Priority

In the 2017 budget the Government indicated their intention to allocate funding of $100 million to encourage further research; invest in emerging engineers and scientists; provide facilities to test new products; to develop new business capabilities and encourage investment in new processes and equipment to advanced manufacturing businesses.

These measure included:

Stimulating advanced manufacturing research projects (SAMRP)
Grants of over $100,000 will be available to smaller firms and early stage researchers, to accelerate upscaling research and / or commercialisation. Larger scale advanced manufacturing research projects will be eligible for grants of up to $3 million over 3 years

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs will be established in SA and Vic to serve industry in roles including test centre facilities and business capability development.

Maintaining engineering excellence
This program will invest in student research through university and technology institutions and industry will maintain the flow of highly trained engineers to the automotive design and engineering industry

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund
This Fund will provide matched funds of up to one third of project cost to establishing and expanding high value manufacturing in SA and VIC for businesses to undertake capital upgrades to be more competitive by using innovative processes and equipment.


Application for these grants are not currently available.